Upstream Aquatics

Upstream Aquatics is small company that cleans, installs and maintains fresh water fish tanks throughout the Berkshire area.

We are fully insured for commercial and domestic residence.

We pride ourselves on having a practical and proactive approach to fish keeping. Generally, all designs or and maintenance are done with future proofing in mind, and we can advice on ways to simplify maintenance/reduce costs. On the other hand we also enjoy doing redesigns and working to revamp an old or neglected aquariums or ponds.  

Everyone on our small team are fish lovers, we have a real passion for fish keeping and see it as a hobby AND very fulfilling job!

Our team has an in depth understanding of fish keeping but also have experience in landscaping, building and general maintenance as well as working alongside any necessary contractors to deliver a product and a service to the highest standards.




We can provide regular maintence, sludge and algae removal as well as practical advice on how to get the best out of your pond. We also redeign and build ponds.

Aquariums Design and Aquarium Maintenace

Designing an aquarium is individual, whether this is within a corporate, retail or residential environment; 

What Does Water Changing Achieve?


Dilute pollutants in the water

Mechanical filtration and biological filtration play an important role of breaking down waste by using the nitrogen cycle, 

Replenishes vital elements

Elements and minerals can often be removed through filtration. Make sure if you use reverse Osmosis water that you are adding a separate bufferpurifying stages remove the elements.

Helps with fish health and growth

Fish produce a growth hormone and when that is diluted regularly the fish will grow growth can be stunted by small tanks or tanks 

Water clarity

Helps with overall discolouration and cloudiness, this leads to better light penetration which is especially relevant for planted aquariums.


Fishkeeping is generally a lot cheaper than having a cat or a dog and is often classed as an in expensive hobby. A well kept tank won’t require a lot of money to thrive.